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Exchange 2010 DR Restore Scenario

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OK, I am looking for some guidance with using VEEAM to backup Exchange 2010 VMs, and restoring them to a working state... So here goes, and I believe this is probably more of a Microsoft question but I am looking for assistance wherever I can find it, I have a 2 server DAG in the same site... It will be replacing my current Exchange 2007 CCR cluster... We perform a yearly DR test at an offsite facility where they provide us with VM Hosts and Disk Space, we bring our data on tape and restore it to the hosts. With E2K7 currently, I restore 1 node of my CCR cluster, recover the CMS, perform a Dial-Tone restore then back fill the data...

With E2K10 we moved the mailbox servers to VM and a 2 server DAG... we are using VEEAM to back everything up... the backup and the restore are working beautifully, however, when I power up the HT/CAS server and then power up the 1 MBX server I am restoring (it has a mix of active and passive DB copies) the databases come up as dismounted and it shows "service down" for the other server in the DAG. I cannot mount the DBs no matter what I try... What I dont understand is this, I thought with DAG the Witness and 1 restored server would be the quorum and therefore allow the restored server to mount the DBs. But no matter what I do it seems to want to talk to the server that I did not restore. Why do I need DAG if it is not going to allow me to mount a DB when one node of the group is down? I am desparately looking for suggestions on how to perform this type of restore. We do not have enough disk space under our contract to restore BOTH nodes of the DAG (FYI - I did test restoring both nodes in our lab and it worked flawlessly, everything came up fine!)... I have also tested DB portability and it works great as well... but that is not what I want to do, I want to restore the CAS and 1 MB servers, power them up, and wham-o everything works! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am at a stand still with my migration until I can prove that I can restore the data quickly! We do plan to move to a third DAG member at an offsite location in the future, but cannot do so at this time so please do not suggest that :roll: ...

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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Re: Exchange 2010 DR Restore Scenario

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DC is also restored and running OK?
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