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Exchange 2010 Replication

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I have Exchange 2010 enterprise running on vsphere 4.1 on siteA. We are going to migrate Exchange server from siteA to siteB over 1GB WAN link.

We currently have exchange replica of siteA into siteB created by Veeam. This exchange replication is continuously happening via Veeam.

Because there is already a exchange replication running between siteA and siteB so plan is to make exchange replica on siteB as primary and shutdown exchange on siteA which means switch over to replica exchange. However siteB is going to have new IP addresses therefore we will need to change exchange server IP addresses at siteB. My question is that will exchange server be ok after changing IP addresses? and how outlook will behave at users machines after changing IP address on exchange server? and also update DNS.

Can Veeam help in this like changing IP address on exchange server and outlook connections, DNS updates etc..


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Re: Exchange 2010 Replication

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Automatic change of network IP addresses to match DR site is in fact available in our v6, but we do not update DNS or Outlook connections on clients.

Now, your questions on Exchange behavior in case of IP address change are not really specific to our product - you may be better of asking about this on specialized Microsoft Exchange communities. Although, may be some existing Veeam users who are doing something like this can chime in and comment.


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Re: Exchange 2010 Replication

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Depends on your CAS setup - do you have a separate CAS at each site or is the server you are referring to also running the CAS role?

Clients connect through the CAS which is 'stamped' on each Mailbox Database, and the entry doesn't update automatically if you want to direct clients to a different one. You'll definitely need DNS updates the way you are doing it..

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