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exchange backups

Post by ktrott » Jun 08, 2012 2:12 pm


i'm a Veeam newbie (previously used Sym Backup Exec and NetBackup), and have inherited a very broken backup environment. Last week, i upgraded our Veeam server to v6.1 and have all of our backups working again. the one thing that doesn't appear to be setup properly though is the Exchange Backups - to where i can do item (email) level restores for users. I only seem to be able to restore, based on restore points (which i haven't fully done, but i assume that will restore the whole mailbox, as opposed to a few items...)

i've been searching quite a bit, but there seems to be many moving parts to get this to work the way i want/need - Virtual Labs, Application Groups, SureBackups, etc...

can someone help to provide some direction (even if it's only a link to a how-to doc) would be much appreciated!

our environment is as follows :

1 physical Veeam server (running v6.1)
3 ESXi (v5, licensed) nodes/hosts
1 subnet (there are only ~30 servers, 100 users)
2 (virtual) AD Servers
2 (virtual) Exchange Servers (one with transport, etc, one with the mailboxes)
...i think that's all that's relevant...


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Re: exchange backups

Post by Gostev » Jun 08, 2012 9:37 pm

This should document should be a good starting point for actual application item recovery wizards > U-AIR Wizards User Guide
And as far as setting up Virtual Labs, Application Groups and SureBackup, this is covered in the User Guide

Also, feel free to open a support case if you need remote assistance.

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