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Exclude swap file blocks under v6 for Linux VMs.

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We saw significant improvements on our windows backup throughput by selecting "Exclude swap file blocks from processing".

Is this option specifically limited to windows or can it be made to work with popular flavours of Linux like Redhat/CentOS/Debian etc? Most of our linux VMs are set to use a paging file, but some are set to use a dedicated partition for paging.

It would be great if Veeam was able to deal with this (assuming it can't already).


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Re: Exclude swap file blocks under v6 for Linux VMs.

Post by Gostev »

Hi Ashley -

Because Linux uses too many different file systems, it would be huge overhead for us to support this functionality on all of them (today, we only have to support NTFS). Besides, because today 92% of all virtualized servers run Windows, the scope of the improvement will be very small.

On the other hand, because Linux swap is a separate partition, it is easy to just move it to a separate virtual disk, and exclude this disk from replication. This is what I recommend doing.


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