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Exclude VM from existing job

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Our SME is out for a while and I'm filling in for him so please bear with me.

I have a customer that would like to pause Veeam backups on one VM that is part of an existing datastore backup job.

If I exclude the VM from the existing backup job, will that delete existing backups?

Basically they know existing backups from up until about a week ago are good, so they don't want them to be overwritten as the days roll by and they test things.

I was thinking about restoring a known good backup, just not powering it on and migrating to prod, but I am not sure which method would be best.

There are no snapshots in vSphere that were taken prior to them making changes.

Any ideas on what would be the best way to do this?

Thank you
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Re: Exclude VM from existing job

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and welcome to the forums.

With the default settings, the backups will not be deleted. You can check in the advanced job settings for the "remove deleted items data after" setting. ... ml?ver=120

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