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Excluded VMs now getting incuded in Backup

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Came across an issue this morning where the nightly backup did not complete fully and was still running. Investigating further I noticed that the VMs that I excluded in the backup job where getting backed up. Any ideas as to why this was happening?
I have been using this job for about a month now I have not run into this issue until today.

The backup job ran and it hit a VM that was in the middle of another replication job. So this VM failed, the rest of the VMs in the backup job completed successfully. On the backup retry it failed again until the 3rd retry which then it started to backup the excluded VMs as well.

Running the latest 4.1.2 version of Veeam B&R. Vsphere ESX 4 Update 1 hosts.

Any help with this will be appreciated.

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Re: Excluded VMs now getting incuded in Backup

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Hello Shaun, it would be best if you open a support case and provide our technical staff with full logs. Logs would show what happened exactly. Thank you!
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