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Experience with Quantum QXS wanted

Post by dasfliege » Jan 16, 2020 8:44 am

We're evaluating a new Veeam Backup Storage for our Datacenter. At the moment we're using two StorageSpace managed 60-Slot JBODs in Raid 1 configuration with ReFS. But they lack IOPS as they are only filled with 7.2k MDL SAS Disks, which do not really offer enought performance for extensive synthetic operations, many concurrent streams, etc.
As we plan to migrate longterm backups to S3 storage, we do not need that much local space anymore, but it still should be able to host around 200TB with the possibility to scale.

What we were looking at so far is:
- A new 60+ Slot JBOD attached to a nice Raid Controller instead of Storage Space. SSD Cache as needed to reach 20'000 IOPS
- NetApp E-Series
- Quantum QXS-3
- Silent Brick

In terms of price/value, the Quantums seems like a decent solution. However, i'm unable to find any concerete specs on how many IOPS you will reach in which configuration. Also it seems like not many people are using this type of Storage with veeam so far. So i'm searching for anyone, who already gained some experience with it.

I would also appreciate any hints to other solutions that may haven't been looking at so far.


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Re: Experience with Quantum QXS wanted

Post by foggy » Jan 16, 2020 11:11 am

For what it's worth, one of the QXS line models has been tested within the Veeam Ready program and got the Veeam Ready Repository status.

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