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Exploring B&R - What design(s) should I consider?

Post by Yon »

Hello, i apologize in advance for not finding my answers in the documentation.

I'm looking to build an environment with 3 ESXi Enterprise hosts along with two SANs (several HP LeftHand nodes - iSCSI), a primary one for fast disk and a secondary to serve as a backup target. Which configuration using Veeam will yield the best results? Should I set up a VCB server or use Veeam's own system. How do either options vary? I'm planning on having a physical Veeam server and expect to have a data set of about 4 TB, do I need a big server or will a standard issue 1 socket, 6 GB RAM Server 2008 R2 server do the job.

Also, beyond backups are there any other features in Veeam that would require alternate configurations? Is deduping done on a backup job level or a VM level? In other words am I best off by having one large backup job instead of smaller backup jobs that I could run concurrently?

Veeam install - Can it be installed on a domain controller?

I assume that I will want to use the backup to SAN option, but if there is a better way, please let me know!


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Re: Exploring B&R - What design(s) should I consider?

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Hi Yon, there is similar discussion a few topics below:
Install Considerations VM Cluster

Generally, you do not want to install anything else on domain controllers (experience from my previous life) ;)

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