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External Disk I/O Error - Backup Copy Job Missing

Post by pltit »

Hello - I have a backup copy job that runs each day at 1:00am. The target repository is an external disk connected to the Veeam server. On Tuesday 10/15/19, the disk was rotated and connected successfully. On Wednesday 10/16/19, the backup copy job was successful. On Thursday 10/17/19, the history says 'Rotated job content has changed from the previous job run. Rotated drive was changed, restarting backup copy job." Another entry follows that one that reads "Failed to preprocess target Error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." Today, I removed the drive from the server and re-connected it to the server. The re-connection was successful and I can browse the backup files on the disk. I was able to backup the Veeam configuration successfully to the external disk as well. However, in B&R under Backups -> Disk (Copy), I no longer see the external backup copy job listing. Further, if I go to Backup Infrastructure -> Backup Repositories, the offsite repository shows 3.6TB available, 1.1TB free and 0.0B Used.

Essentially, I can no longer access the backups stored on the external disk through Veeam B&R. I have not had any issues with the backup copy job prior to this event. Any ideas?

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Re: External Disk I/O Error - Backup Copy Job Missing

Post by HannesK »

as you mentioned that it worked correctly before, I guess there is a hardware issue. To verify please contact support and post the case number here for reference.

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