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External/Off Site Storage - USB3 vs ESata

Post by davidhood »

We currently backup to a local SATA disk in one of our servers using SAN mode backup (and reverse incrementals).

auto-mount turned off etc.

I am looking to get this off-site, USB2 will be too slow, as it is approx 1TB of backup files, so I am looking at either an USB3 card or ESATA card with some small removeable hard drives. Does anyone have any recommendations of usb3 vs esata etc? Any other tips? I am assuming that as long as I am careful with the formatting of these disks (i.e. don't format a SAN lun), automount won't stop windows seeing the drives.



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Re: External/Off Site Storage - USB3 vs ESata

Post by Gostev »

Very close contenders performance-wise... I would probably go with USB though, because USB connectors are a bit more common. Who knows where you need to do the restore your stuff? I heard a rumor about one customers running a few most critical production VMs in VMware Workstation on his laptop during site-wide outage ;)

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