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Failed to login to service console?

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I've just performed a full, fresh install of v4, after a full fresh install of ESX4.0

When choosing the server to backup, I get a failure when it tries to verify or login to the service console credentials i've supplied (and I know i've supplied these correctly...and have re-typed it a few times).

The specific error is: "Failed to login to '<ip address of my ESX4.0 server>' by SSH, port 22, user 'root', elevateToRoot False, autoSudo False, User authentication failed".

Any ideas?


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Re: Failed to login to service console?

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Hello Mike,

Root credentials are disabled by default, that's why you're not able to connect to your ESX host, please have a look at this thread describing how to enable it: Unable to Connect to ESX4

Thank you

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