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Failed to save file content

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I have 3 usb drives and make fullbackup (retention policy: 1 restore point on disk) on it, changed the HD's every week.
With veeam v5 we use the ForceCreateMissingVBK registry hack and this solution worked fine.

We recently veeam updated to version 6, and now we get the following error message.
"Failed to save backup meta to E:\server1\server1.vbm [BKP1] Failed to save file content. Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden"

In the veeam v5 existed there only one file (*.vbk). What is this VBM File an can i prevent creation? Or exist other registry hack for veeam v6?


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Re: Failed to save file content

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I've just checked with our QA team and they have confirmed that this key is not designed to work with the new architecture (backup repositories). However, we are considering adding support for this key back in the next update due to the demand.

Kindly please follow the rules for posting technical issues provided when you click New Topic. Your previous post was deleted due to not following these rules.


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