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failed to upgrade components on hardened Linux repo

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Hello all.

I recently installed update 20220302 to my B&R servers, and for the most part it went well. However I have a few hardened Linux repos that refuse to update and are now showing as 'offline' to Veeam, which means my backups can't run - obviously this is a problem!

The repo servers themselves are definitely online and if I go through the Update process, I can test the repo's credentials and they can connect successfully (so I know connectivity is not the problem). when I try to install the update, it's saying "failed to start agent: product components installed on have older version than then current product version and must be updated"

So then I try to go through the update process but I get the errors:

Failed to upgrade host components: Error Invalid package type Nfs
Failed to ugprade host components: Error Invalid package type HvIntegration

I have a case open, but I'm hoping I can get some feedback here as well in the meantime.
Case #05789113

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: failed to upgrade components on hardened Linux repo

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It would be best to let our engineers to carry out the research and seek a solution. Our possibility to troubleshoot technical issues on the forum is very limited, we don't have access to your infrastructure and cannot analyze debug logs.

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