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Failover Question

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I'm looking into the possibility of purchasing veeam backup and replication but I need to make sure that the following functionality is possible. We have a SBS 2008 installation at our main site right now. We have the need to have an automatic failover of this machine to an alternate site if something goes wrong with the main site. The two sites are connected via a site to site VPN. Traditionally, this type of automatic failover would be accomplished by migrating to a full blown Exchange 2007/Windows Server Enterprise cluster in order to use the Exchange CCR functionality. Of course this would require a substantial investment in software licenses for Exchange/Windows server for both sites in addition to more windows and Exchange CALs. So, I'm trying to figure out if this would be possible using veeam backup and replication. The main requirement is that the failover to the alternate site machine must be automatic with absolutely no intervention on my part. Additionally, what is the minimum Vmware ESXi license and veeam backup and replication licenses.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Failover Question

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Hello Dino,

Please look through our sticky F.A.Q. topic to know more about licensing and possible failover options.

As to automating failover procedure, then it is also possible if you follow the instructions below:
Veeam Backup in VM on Domain Controller (nevermind the title)


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