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Feature Enhancement Request: Better restore logging

Post by me123 »

In the main screen there's a section for backups where you can view all of your backup jobs and their properties, so why isn't there one for the restores? There should be a restore section where you can view all the restores that you have done and see their properties (start time end time, destination, etc). Also, the restores should be listed in the sessions section with another sortable column for job type.

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Re: Feature Enhancement Request: Better restore logging

Post by Gostev »

Hello, restore sessions are currently not there mainly because restores are not meant to be periodic, but rather one-time process. In other words, there is no use case where you need to setup some restore job that will periodically restore the same VM to the same location for you. With backup however, the same job runs multiple times and you need ability to distinguish it runs and track statistics for each run differently.

With that said, we still have plans to add functionality to reflect restore operations in Sessions list in future versions - this has been requested couple of times already.

Thank you.
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