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(Feature Request) Alert on SQL databases that fail to Backup

Post by MattFlowers » Aug 26, 2016 1:58 pm

We had an issue where the log (LDF) file became corrupted for a SQL database and the database went into recovery pending. This wasn't found out for a while because there isn't any alerting on it and we assumed that Veeam would alert if there is a database that it couldn't backup with SQL (file level backup of the MDF was fine).

I called support about this to make sure it wasn't a bug or something I had configured wrong and they told me this known behavior.

I would like to request a feature request for Veeam to alert on ANY sql database that fails to backup correctly.

Not entirely sure why Veeam doesn't report on a database failing to backup when it is in Recovery Pending mode but will report when tlog backups fail.

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