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Feature Request - chaining jobs

Post by SecondCity »

Hey fellas,

First off, I love your product...and I've been singing its praises to any SysAdmin who'll listen. That said, I have a minor annoyance with it that I think might be easily resolved by your dev team.

I like separating all my VMs out into separate jobs, because it gives me the ability to back up one at a time, in case I need to provide TLC to just one machine. I started out with a big batch job, but found that it was a little more unmanageable than it seemed at first. Making a separate job for the VM I need to provide immediate support for is annoying, because it may be very large, and the initial backup would take hours (if not days).

So in short, going with one job per VM makes the most sense for me. The problem, though, is scheduling...

Right now, I have 6 separate VMs that are all chained together. The first VM kicks off at 10pm, then chains into the rest for nightly backups. Of course, if I wish to just backup one VM, I have to break the chain by changing the properties and unchecking the batch script that's to run after the job completes. I'd love to be able to quickly run the job itself without having it chain into another, saving me the multi-step process of actually changing the job properties. Sometimes I forget to do that first, and wind up having to try to cancel the next backup that runs in the chain! Or worse, I remember to do it, but forget to re-enable the checkbox afterward, meaning my next nightly set ends the chain midway.

This is a minor annoyance, for sure, but an annoyance nonetheless.

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Feature Request - chaining jobs

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello John, thanks for having time to write this feature request, we will add this functionality to our future releases. Unfortunately v5 is long in feature lock state, so we cannot add new (previously unplanned) features to this release. However, your requests have been noted. Thank you!
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Re: Feature Request - chaining jobs

Post by Bunce »

It would be better to continue to include multiple VM's in one job (thereby improving compression / management / etc), but allow a 'backup single vm' option within that job (as per a number of previous requests).

Its difficult trying to educate other staff to avoid creating multiple snapshots (eg when building a new box / installing new applications) that need to be maintained for a few weeks/months, when I can't give them an alternative to run a backup (since it will backup all VM's in that job).

The ability to backup a single VM was something we found very useful in our previous product.
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Re: Feature Request - chaining jobs

Post by Felix »

Couldn't the execute after backup feature be used to kick of another job, by calling the veeam agent with the proper command line arguments?

Doing this with a nice GUI of course would be preferable, but it could be a workaround for the time being...
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Re: Feature Request - chaining jobs

Post by RichardR »

Please have a look at this post for a way to fix this problem, it's a script that offers job chaning and a maximum number of concurrent jobs. ... 07&p=19412
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