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Feature Request: Check Updates / Auto-Update.

Post by davidshq »

It'd be nice to have (at a minimum) a built-in check for updates function that would connect to Veeams servers and see if a newer release is available. Preferrably, this would also include the ability to patch the current Veeam Backup install to the latest version on-the-fly.
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Re: Feature Request: Check Updates / Auto-Update.

Post by Gostev »

Dave, based on our customers feedback many customers have explained us that they need to perform complex testing and approval procedure before they can apply any product updates into the production environment. So it is unlikely that we ever add autopatching into the product.

But, automated new release notifications might be a good idea (although again this may not work for some customers because I know that many people restrict direct internet connectivity from production servers which do not need it).

Thank you.
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