Feature request - DC authoritive mode restore

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Feature request - DC authoritive mode restore

Veeam Logoby bJako » Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:59 am

By default Veeam performs a non-authoritative restore of the DC.

This is OK when you restore one DC to production enviroment.

I mostly restore one production DC to test enviroment. I know there are instructions, how to do manually authoritative restore.

Veeam have build-in functionality to perform authoritative restore in SureBackup where I cab choose between authoritative and non-authoritative restore.

I suggest to add possibility to perform authoritative restore to Full and Instant Recovery - at least when "Restore to a new location or with different settings" is selected.

And pls add "Open Logs path" to File or Help menu - as Veeam Off365 have :-)
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