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Feature Request: During Restore temp SDRS Rules

Post by Mattis » Mar 13, 2018 1:28 pm 2 people like this post


I had an issue during restore process last time.
During restore process, SDRS is able to migrate the VM to different datastores which is breaking the whole restore process for the affected disk.
I raised a Case #02622801 and it seems, that VMware has changed something in Version 6.5
As workaround there are two options known:

- Disable whole SDRS during restore process
- start restore process and as soon as the restore VM is created, add VM to disabled SDRS rule till process is finished

Maybe it is possible to build in that during restore a temporary SDRS overwrite will be placed and deleted afterwards?

Another small thing: VMware is stupid with SDRS recommandations if a SDRS Cluster is selected. If the restore is thin provisioning with a lot of large Disks it is placing all disks overprovisioned to the a small count of volumes and not spreaded overall.
Maybe anybody has an idea how it could be fixed that not every disk(s) has to be placed on a fixed datastore manually (that placing on SDRS Cluster directly is possible)?


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