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Feature Request: job chaining

Post by Frosty »

I know that others have requested something this, and I know that there is already a workaround by using the post-job scripting. However I need something that is easy for others (not-so-technical people) to understand and, above all, it must be visible in the job scheduler interface so that people can immediately intuit what is going on.

So I thought I would suggest that in the scheduler, you could introduce the relatively simple idea of a "job of jobs" (perhaps call it, instead of VM Backup job, or a VM Copy job, a VM Job List job) ... a container object that holds a list of other jobs that it will run progressively in sequence.

I think this would be greatly preferable to having a hidden-behind-the-scenes, advanced setting of "after this job completes, run job XXX".
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Feature Request: job chaining

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Hello Stephen, thank you for your thoughts! We always appreciate customer's feedback on our products. This feature makes sence for me as well, but with currently existing manual procedure for job chaining, realistically I don't think we will implement your feature request in the short term, as there are much higher priority features pending implementation.
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