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Feature Request: Modifiable labels for servers

Post by kyle.manel » Oct 15, 2018 2:20 pm

In my years administering Veeam B&R, it has become troublesome in some instances in the past, in part because of bad administration previous to myself, to identify servers within the Veeam B&R console.
Veeam is initially configured to use IP Address to access an ESXi host. With a change in infrastructure, this host now has a hostname attached to it, so that it can have its' IP changed more flexibly. However, this ESXi host is configured with an IP address in Veeam, and would require me to create a new server in Veeam with that as the primary identity, AND THEN reconfigure all my backup jobs to use this new configuration.
In addition to this, If the hostname is altered in the future, a new 'server' item would need to be configured to retain backups again, with the same reconfiguration as above.

With a labeled configuration item, as opposed to a static IP address, I could associate all my backup jobs to a symbol/object, with its' own specified authentication method, so that all server settings and backups are maintained with an address change.

As opposed to the primary address of the server, I would like the server's identity to be associated to an indiscriminate label, such that the 'server' could be retained and its connection could be modified without altering any associated backup jobs.

E.G. address is being altered to;
Presently I need to create a new server with as its address and associate the key for ServerA to ServerB within the configuration.
AND THEN, I also need to modify all backup jobs associated to ServerA to now associate with ServerB.

~<address object>
~<authentication object>

~<Backup job properties>
~~<address object>
~~<authentication object>

By creating objects as above, jobs could be created with a specific connection-class associated to them, and that class could then be modified with new items such that when a server's configuration was modified, the job would not need to be altered.

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Re: Feature Request: Modifiable labels for servers

Post by foggy » Oct 16, 2018 12:35 pm

Hi Kyle, shouldn't this KB address your cases with changing addresses without the need to reconfigure anything?

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