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Feature Request: Notification of Unprotected VM's?

Post by davidshq »

Is there a way or could a way be added to quickly see which vm's are unprotected? For example, lets say we want to create separate jobs for our windows/linux servers - but an admin misses a linux vm. Right now the only way I can find to avoid this is to double-check (and perhaps triple-check) the list of vms versus the jobs. Could there be an easy way to get a report on this?
This would be huge (and seems pretty simple to implement to me). Advanced (useful but not necessary) functionality could include the ability to mark certain vm's as "unmanaged" so they wouldn't show up in the report anymore (e.g. if there is a test server we don't care about) and perhaps email notifications with a summary of unprotected machines.
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Re: Notification of Unprotected VM's?

Post by Gostev »

Dave, great suggestion, I'll see if this can be made a part of some other feature we are adding to the next release. Thank you.
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