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Feature Request - On-demand health check

Post by TitaniumCoder477 »

From searching through the forum, I discovered that the health check is now separate from the job, which I like. But it still doesn't appear to be on-demand possible. That is, I know that I can set the separate schedule to a few minutes out, as a workaround. But then I have to come back and change it back to what I want long term. I would like an on-demand health check to be possible through the following methods:
  • Right-click the job > Health check
  • Right-click the backup set > Health check
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Re: Feature Request - On-demand health check

Post by Mildur »

Hi James

Thanks for the request.
We will discuss it with the team.

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Re: Feature Request - On-demand health check

Post by Stephan23 »

Please consider treating 'Defragment and compact' the same way as health checks.
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