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Feature Request: Restore one or more Jobs from Configuration Backup File

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i was asked to create a Feature Request to our Case # 03228429.

Veeam VBR contains more and more in some cases complex job definitions and the number of jobs increases (Backup Jobs, Copy Jobs, Tape Jobs, Replicas, File Jobs...). But there is no way to protect VBR itself from loss of one or more definitions. The only way is to restore the complete configuration backup.

We know about different possibilites of reporting jobs and its definitions. But you have to create lost jobs manually and the main problem is that the first backup will always be active full. To solve the challenge of manually creating jobs I've tried to export the definitions (powershell) to XML-Files. But neither the export nor the import is fully supported by currently existing powershell commands.

So I hope, in the near future there will be a way to restore an accidently deleted or destroyed job definition from configuration backup file. Alternative it would also be very helpful to have a kind of "Recycle Bin" or a "Job Definition History". If it is too complex to offer a complete restore of a single definition we would be glad to have a possibility to create a new job, which is based on the definition backuped in the configuration backup file.

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Re: Feature Request: Restore one or more Jobs from Configuration Backup File

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Your request has been noted. To me it sounds like a separate "Execute..." or "Import objects from .xml" button hidden somewhere in the settings.


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