Feature Request: Retention Policy by Days,not Restore Points

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Feature Request: Retention Policy by Days,not Restore Points

Veeam Logoby TGacs » Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:53 pm

Allow the Retention Policy (in the Backup Storage settings of a Job) to be definable in Days, rather than Restore Points.

Setting retention by restore points is a decidedly user-unfriendly metric. For example, if I want to maintain 90 days of backups, with backups scheduled every 17 minutes between 6am and 11pm with an 23 minute offset, but then I later need to increase/decrease the schedule window by an hour - how many restore points do I need to add or subtract to maintain my 90 day target?? I shouldn't have to do that calculation.

Further, aren't most, if not all, company metrics defined temporally:
- what are the increments in time between the backups?
- how far back in time do our backups go?

On a larger scale, several items like Retention Policy should be made into lists of settings of their own...which can then be added to jobs. So, one could then create multiple Retention Policies, which could then be selected from a dropdown on the Backup Storage settings page, just as VM Credentials are selectable.

So, I think the following should be their own lists, and then selectable in jobs:
- sets of VMs to be backed up
- Retention Policy
- Each of the Advanced tabs, so Backup Policy list, Maintenance Policy list, Notifications Policy list, etc. This is currently being kludged with "Save as Default" option on the Advanced tabs, but allows only one predefined set of settings.
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