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Feature request - rotating disks

Post by Jalday »

I am trying to move away from using TAPE backups. Tapes work very well in Veeam, but I am looking to use removable SSD drives as a replacement. This would eliminate the need for a physical tape drive at my backup location site.

SSD's work fairly well in Veeam using a repository configured for rotating drives. However I ran into an issue when I try to perform a restore of those jobs. The restore function shows ONLY the jobs on the current active SSD (drive). It does not show any of the other jobs backed up by rotating drives. The only way to currently see the other backups is to attach the SDD, perform a NEW backup (which takes time) in order to refresh B&R inventory of the drives contents, then proceed with the restore.

I would like to request at the very least, a drive INVENTORY function. This would refresh Veeams inventory of the current connected SSD drive.

I would prefer to have the ability to see all known backups taken using rotating drives and be prompted to attach the specific drive for a selected restore point. Such as the way tapes work using a media pool.

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Re: Feature request - rotating disks

Post by PetrM »


I'm wondering why do you need to run a new backup? When you insert a drive that has already been used and has some restore points, it must be detected automatically even if drive letter changes. Did you select the checkbox "This repository is backed by rotated hard drives" in the repository settings?


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Re: Feature request - rotating disks

Post by foggy »

If you are using Enterprise or Enterprise Plus edition, then Enterprise Manager allows you to browse and search through backups that are not currently available in the repository (like those archived to tape or residing on the unattached rotated drive) as it keeps their indices within the specified retention period.

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