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Matts N
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Feature request: Scheduling certain events

Post by Matts N »

Just took the VBR v9 class and stumbled on a couple of things that might be useful to have.

1) An option to schedule a planned failover for replicas to be scheduled to a certain time
Idea being that if you plan a failover as part of a permanent failover (migration kind of scenario) one might want to do it off hours. And also not have to sit around in the middle of the night to do it manually. :)

2) An option to define a failover time frame for a quick migration of a VM running as an Instant VM Recovery
Idea being that you want to get the service up as soon as possible, hence Instant VM Recovery, but not wanting to trigger a quick migrate during office hour. If it was possible to specify a time window when the quick migratation would be performed, the VM would stay running from backup storage and migrating off hours without interrupting service for users.

Any thoughts? Am I the only one who might see any of this as useful? :roll:

// Matts

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Re: Feature request: Scheduling certain events

Post by veremin »

For now there is PowerhShell using which you can schedule both activities. If you need a help with scripting, feel free to create a topic in the corresponding subforum. Thanks.

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