Feature Request: SCO file level restore

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Feature Request: SCO file level restore

Veeam Logoby pjlane » Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:43 pm

Case # 01908621

Support for VxFS and perhaps EAFS file systems from SCO would really help make the FLR option great. (version 6.0.0d of SCO specifically)
I see this has been posted in the past, but perhaps renewing the request would bump it higher on the "to do list".

Thanks to Terry from support for his hard work helping me with the issue.
He also suggested the separate file system mount & transfer method with IR option, but on a SCO system this is not trivial, and we could not give this to a "knowledgeable end users" as a work around, it would have to be done by highly qualified tech, not to mention the necessity for a reboot to create the mount points in SCO.
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