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FEATURE REQUEST: SQL Server AlwaysOn Info visibility

Post by idstephen » Dec 07, 2016 5:59 pm

My use case is that I have a subset of administrators (effectively DBAs) who I want to see only the VMs that they are responsible for administering as defined by VMs being in specific VMware Resource Pools. I need to offer Veeam application restore for SQL Server Database functionality to this group.

I am stuck between giving them web self-service (Enterprise Manager) which is great because I can limit the restore scope but bad because it doesn't show SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Information and doesn't give the option to specify an alternative restore folder destination. Alternatively I can give them the Console which would be good because it automatically shows AlwaysOn Info and allows alternative restore folders to be specified but would be bad because I can't limit the restore scope. Sadly this second option (Console) isn't viable for me as it exposes too much information about the wider infrastructure.

Please consider either offering restore scope to specify VMs/Resource Pools within Console (as per EM which works great). Or, and this would be really easy, please consider including the SQL Server AlwaysOn Info fields within EM.

Being able to specify an alternative folder location within EM would also be a useful improvement.

I am using VBR v9 and I understand that this functionality isn't available in VBR v9.5

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Re: FEATURE REQUEST: SQL Server AlwaysOn Info visibility

Post by Mike Resseler » Dec 12, 2016 6:33 am


Thanks for your feature request. We will certainly take this one into consideration for the next version. May I ask what specific alwaysON data you want to be seen in EM? Exactly the same as in the console? More? Less? If you could ask your DBA's what they would like to see before doing a restore, that would be great. Also, what is your (and your DBA's) preference to use? EM or the console?

I am not promising anything but your specifics and needs can help us in planning for the future.

Many thanks

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