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Feature Request SureBackup

Post by jbrullemans » Aug 26, 2016 6:23 am

I currently use Surebackup Job in the weekend to test my backups. e.g. is the domain starting and can my e-mail server be started.
I would like to receive an email that the job has run and the test has ended succesfully. There is an option that it sends a mail when finished but that option is overruled in the general setting where i have set that for my backups i don't want to receive email on succes but this options also stops surebackup from sending any mail.

The option that overrules it is in option --> email settings --> turn off notify on success .

I would like to see that surebackup jobs are not affected by this setting. Because i'm not interessed if my backup is successfully i'm much more interressed if the restore is possible.
What is a good backup if you can't restore it? :roll:

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