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Feature Request - Volume Remap for VM recovery

Post by controlfreak » Jan 12, 2018 11:38 pm

I would like to request that a volume remapping feature be added to VMware VM restores in Veeam B&R. This feature is present in Veeam agent for windows.

Using the Veeam agent for windows and associated recovery media, volumes can be separated or remapped to one or more logical disks. By mounting the agent recovery media in a new VM with 3 unallocated VMDK files, I was able to restore 3 volumes from one large raid disk on to 3 individual VMDK files, while shrinking the volumes at the same time. For this to work, I had to take the source backup with an windows agent. The recovery media from the agent will not display non-agent backups in a repository.

As far as I can tell, Veeam B&R for VMware does not offer a remap option when performing a VM restore without using an agent. One use case is P2V servers that end up with multiple volumes on a single VMDK. This can cause problems down the road for extending partitions. The remapping feature is a great way to reconfigure these VMs to allow for VMDK expansion.



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