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Feature Requests - A Few

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I'd like to put in a request for features in future releases:

1. Fixed file size - like "media" on a traditional backup server, using (definable, optional) fixed file sizes keeps the backup drives from fragmenting over time. Sure it wastes some space, but it keeps the drives less fragmented with data.

2. Duplicate a Job - would like to be able to just right click on a Job and "copy" then "paste" so that a new job can be created from one that already has all the settings desired.

3. Delete a Snapshot - right now we can delete backups or machines but not specific snapshots/restore points. Would be nice to be able to delete a specific snapshot.

4. Cleanup Utility - you know how if you run out of disk space, but the job didn't finish running, it won't cleanup the Nth restore point? (I.e. you have it set for 5 restore points, it's running the sixth but doesn't have enough space, so never cleans up the old one and you're stuck not being able to run the job) Would be nice to have a utility that assists with cleanup instead of having to manually review files and delete them.


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Re: Feature Requests - A Few

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Thanks for the feedback.
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