Feature suggestion: Map VM to backup & retain history chain

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Feature suggestion: Map VM to backup & retain history chain

Veeam Logoby kkuszek » Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:38 pm

I did some quick migration jobs recently. They broke a few backup jobs where I had to remove & re-add the vm since sometimes a VM ends up with a new Ref ID.
I've also had Veeam B&R for years. Over time I have had jobs go corrupt or need to be re-created as well. Normal quirks.

All this results in independent broken historical chains on machines as well as unnecessary full backup creations.
I know you can map a backup to a repository, but what about per vm mappings to link indifferent ref ID's?

This way on restores I can keep single plane restore history.

Here is an example:
if I go to restore my file server and choose VM to restore I see 3 different file server entries as selectable. I have no way to tell which one applies to which time period.
Once I choose my VM I choose restore point where I then have to choose from 2 or 3 different revisions of my backup jobs. I don't care which job it came from, just the restore point. Now I need to click a job and guess which of them has the date I'm looking for.
I've only had B&R for 2.5 years. If we assume a 7 year retention period, same product, and same occasional issues then one could expect that to triple. That makes for a real headache on restores through the whole backup chain.
If I could map the 3 "different" VM's together that would simplify this task. If when choosing the restore point I could choose group by date instead of job that would also make life easier.

If I were in the practice of duplicating environments to test changes then rolling a dev copy to prod I could see this being a real nightmare use case on restores. I'm assuming the same could be said for replication users with historical failovers since a replica will have a new ref ID?
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