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Feature request re: replica retention

Post by sbumpas254 » Nov 01, 2017 4:19 pm

When running large replication jobs, we have a few customers wherein the replica retention policy commit takes as long or longer than the actual replication job. While much of this could easily be attributed to storage (3 node 1Gb hybrid vSAN clusters, for example) it seems like Veeam could easily change this behavior so that the retention policy is committed as part of the VM process rather than waiting until all VMs have been completed, and then running in groups?

Right now it's:

VM1 replicates
VM2 replicates
VM3 replicates
VM1 retention applies
VM2 retention applies
VM3 retention applies

I do see that roughly 4 VMs are processed in parallel during retention commit, but I think it would be better if:

VM1 replicates
VM1 retention applied
VM2 replicates
VM2 retention applied

This method would also allow replicas to continue running while retention is applied, if the proxy had available resources.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to suggest/think of this - maybe htere's a erason it hasn't been done yet?

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