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File copy from VM to another location

Post by chum »

Is there a way to directly access a Windows VMs files and copy them to a physical server? I want to look at copy SQL Tran logs from a Windows VM to a location off the SAN, such as a physical Windows Server with local storage of another network share. Preferably through direct SAN access.

I can do this now sort of...

Share the VMs folder and map it as a network drive on the Veeam backup Server. Then use that Share as the source and a local folder on the Veeam Backup Server as the destination. This backs up, but at 8-11MB/s and when it's 130GB it's going to take 4+ hours. Surely there must be a faster way?
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Re: File copy from VM to another location

Post by foggy »

Craig, actually File Copy job does nothing extra in terms of source files access comparing to simple copying with Windows Explorer. There is nothing like Direct SAN mode in this case. Have you tried to measure the speed of Windows Explorer doing the same job?
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