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File Level Restore on Windows

Post by stevenfoo »

I have now installed the purchased Veeam 3.0.1 into one of the VM on windows OS.
The database is installed on another VM on windows OS as well.

I tried a backup and it was successfully done.
Now I want to tried to perform file level restore.

It was asking to intall VMware Player. I downloaded the lastest version and install on the VM where Veeam engine installed.

However I get a message that VMware Player cannot installed in a VM.

How do I overcome it? The Veeam is installed in the VM on windows 2003 OS.
I need to perform a File Level Restore to make sure it works.

We don't have another physical machine just for this .

Kindly assist and provide a solution.

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Re: File Level Restore on Windows

Post by Gostev »

Steven, please note that you do not need to use VMware Player and File Level Restore plug-in to restore individual files from Windows VM. Windows file level restore capability is built into the product. So, you should simply run the Restore wizard from Veeam Backup UI, and select the "restore individual guest OS files" option.

File Level Restore plug-in is only required to perform file-level restore from OS other than Windows (Linux,Unix,BSD,Mac). VMware Player is used to run file level restore virtual appliance that enables us to support file level restore from other file systems. For more information on how to install VMware Player in a VM, please refer to the existing thread.
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