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files to copy for offsite storage / removable media

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Our clients use Veeam 4.1 and we usually have large (1 TB+) internal storage set aside for storage of Veeam backups.

Jobs are scheduled every night and usually set up for 20+ restore points (or whatever we can squeeze in to the internal storage).

In this scenario, we have a large .VBK file and several smaller .VRB files.

What files are absolutely necessary to copy (robocopy) to removable (RDX) media in order to have the most recent backup available to bring off-site?

Is it:

a) Only the large .VBK file, or
b) The large .VBK file PLUS the most recent VRB file?

We don't really need to bring additional restore points off site - Just the most recent backup. If we can squeeze more on to the removable media, we will.

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Re: files to copy for offsite storage / removable media

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Hello Nick, that is the VBK file only, alone. VBK will always contains the full backup of the most recent VMs state due to Veeam synthetic backup method.
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