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firsti initialization on remote site.

Post by marcottt »

Hi all,

i have 2 remote site with vmware esx's and several vm's to backup. I wanna do wan backups from vm's with a veeam dedicated vm in remote site connected to a iscsi/nfs (better)/cifs nas like iomega ix4-200 or similar.

If a need a very large recover i can get the storage and go (with car....) on remote site (1h time) for a better restore performance (wan is 50 mbits, maybe in future 100 or 200).

The problem is to do the first backup..... i wanna do 1st on remote site and go on with incremental but sites has different subnet and dedicated veeam vm i think are on remote site. How i can do it?

I think:
1) go in A site
2) setup nas with A1 ip and connect it via nfs to esx infrastructure
3) install dedicated veeam vm on site A with A2 ip, use nas via nfs as datastore
4) install veeam b&r, use nas via hostname as backup target, make job and 1st backup
5) go on B site
6) change nas IP from Aip to Bip (not change haostname).
7) attach veeam vm to esx B infrastructure
8) start veaam vm, change A2 ip to B2.
9) restart veeab job, nas hostname is the same so i think it can be visible without particolar change.
10) (optional) move dedicated veeam vm to infrastructure datastore's with with better performance.

may work ? some one has tested or has a better solution ?

Maybe better mantein veeam dedicated vm on a site and move only nas to b site ?


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Re: firsti initialization on remote site.

Post by foggy »

Marco, yes, your scenario should work. It is though preferable to leave Veeam console in the source site in case you use SAN as VM storage to get advantage of the fast source data retrieval (Direct SAN access mode).

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