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force network traffic btw proxy and repository to nic

Post by fgw » Jun 05, 2012 8:24 am

have two locations with a proxy and a repository on each.
on one location there is a third repository and also the backup server itself.

all systems are connected via a 100Mbs interconnect to log in via rdp and run updates and so on.
the proxies and repositories are connected to two 1Gbs interconnects for moving backup data.
well, at least this was the idea behind it. unfortunately i'm not able to configure the proxies and repositories to
run the backup data traffic over the 1Gbs links. they simply ignore all my efforts and run the backup
data traffic over the 100Mbs link leaving the two nice 1Gbs links untouched!

is there a way to force the traffic onto a certain network interface?
tried using the bandwidth limiting feature but this does not work either: limiting the bandwidth on the
100Gbs link to 1KBs has no effect.

any ideas?

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Re: force network traffic btw proxy and repository to nic

Post by dellock6 » Jun 05, 2012 8:46 am

Have you registered the proxies in dns using the management IPs, and then registered the proxies inside Veeam Server using their dns names?

Maybe you can try to register two different dns names for each proxies like this:
proxy.domain.local -> 1Gb IP address
managent_proxy.domain.local -> 100Mb IP address

and then register only proxy.domain.local inside Veeam Server. Or get rid of dns registration and use IPs directly.
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