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Forever Retention Suggestions

Post by rogerdu » Mar 20, 2017 4:58 pm

My client is looking to have Monthly Full backups retained forever (legal requirements). Each full image is roughly 2 TB... Here is my thinking...

Veeam can utilize a tape drive attached they currently use for Backup Exec restoration of older images (yes, we replaced BE with Veeam B&R).
- Least expensive as the technology is on site.
- Prone to media failure in the long term, support for old technology will require the data be refreshed periodically (manual intervention and actions for eacn refresh cycle)

Veeam can manage cloud storage as a Backup Copy target
- Monthly charges to keep data offsite
- SLA guarantees for data storage, availability and offsite backup
- Depending on vendor, this can be costly

Purchase more storage for “archive” requirements. Change tertiary copy retention to forever
- Disk is expensive to maintain onsite, cost for initial purchase, ongoing costs for electricity and cooling, limited space unless more space is purchased

As we will be discussing this with the client, and their legal requirement is to have the data available forever, can you think of any other methodologies, and what (in your opinion) are the strengths and limitations?

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Re: Forever Retention Suggestions

Post by veremin » Mar 20, 2017 5:22 pm

Basically you've described most of the options. There might have been a dedupe appliance in your list (but it can be considered as derivative from option number 3).

Personally I'd choose between tapes and cloud as means of "endless" protection.

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