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Forget restore points in cloud with Veeam 9.5U2

Post by emak » Feb 23, 2018 4:30 pm


Following is the situation:
We have a backup copy job to a cloud repo which sends encrypted backups for important data. Now we were left with no free space (due to expanding the disk of the source server, backup suddenly failing, running an "Active Full" backup copy job which resolves the error, left with not enough space because the retention policy was not yet met when the space was over).
So I just wanted to remove two files:
- a leftover, really old backup file (.vib) which has nothing to do with the backup chain
- a full backup (.vbk) with the retention flag != R (M in this case)

Possible solution:
- the cloud provider needed to delete those two files and I had to rescan the repo. It took very long time (basically several hours before I could see the free space available)
- as it is a cloud repository I was told that I am not able to delete (forget) the specific restore point in our job
- as with Veeam 9.5 Update 3 I would be able to remove the whole backup chain from our backup (we currently run Veeam 9.5 Update2)
- I was asked to provide our encryption password in order for Veeam Support to be able to tamper with the .vbm file so our Job would reflect the correct state of the cloud backup repository - or I was later presented the whole way on how to do it on our own?

Is there no other way to make our Veeam B&R reflect the effective state of our cloud backup repo? I cannot accept the fact at all, that I am seriously asked to deliver our encryption password in order to do such a basic task?! I don't want to blame the supporter - maybe some customers will willingly provide it in order to get help. But I do tell our users like grist on a mill to not give their password away to nobody so I will not be the one to give such an essential thing away... Any ideas out there? Else I will contact Veeam product management with a feature request.

Support Case ID: #02618820

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