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free space problem

Post by xennon30 »


We have configured a virtual machine with three hard drives each of them located in different data stores. When performing a backup, we observe that the space on the data store allocate "C" reduces the free space considerably. We try to increases the espace but its the same. Is that normal? What space we need in the data store for a machine with 900 GB?

This is the configuration:

Data store allocate “C”

Data store size: 110 Gb
Partition sice (“C”): 71 Gb

Data store allocate “D”

Data store size: 580 Gb
Partition sice (“D”): 557 Gb

Data store allocate “E”

Data store size: 309 Gb
Partition sice (“E”): 258 Gb

Note: The configuration files of the virtual machine are in the same data store that allocates “C”. What its the minimum free space we need in this data store to do this job?

Thanks a lot

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Re: free space problem

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Yep, this is normal... VMware creates snapshot files on the same datastore where VMX file resides (by default). But snapshot files will be removed immediately once backup completes, so don't worry about this. For more information please search this forum for workingDir. Thanks.

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