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Full backup retention policy (delete files)

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hi everyone.... i have a question about my veeam backup config.
In my case I have configured two full backups per week, on Saturday and Wednesday, and incrementan backups beetween the full ones.
This is the config:

Sunday - Incremental Backup
Monday - Incremental Backup
Tuesday - Incremental Backup
Wednesday - Full Backup
Thursday - Incremental Backup
Friday - Incremental Backup
Saturday - Full Backup

In this case i need to understand the correct configuration for the retention policy. My need is to can recovery to any point in the last 15 days. The problem here is i can not find the way to delete the full backups... i can delete the incremental ones but not the full ones.

I have configured:
Restore point to keep on disk: 4
Advanced settings: active full backup on Wednesday and Saturday

Egor Yakovlev
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Re: Full backup retention policy (delete files)

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Hi Xavier,
Restore Points Simulator can be of great help to estimate backup chains. In your case with Active Full on Wednesday and Saturday, to have 15 restore points on disk, you need to set Retention to 12. Veeam will cleanup chain automatically, you don't need to delete anything manually.

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Re: Full backup retention policy (delete files)

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Hi Xavier, this KB article with a visual explanation of how retention works for different backup methods might also give you a better understanding. Thanks!

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