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Grouping VMs in Containers

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As I'm trying to set-up my initial backup jobs, I'm realizing that I'd like to do it through containers, but I'm not sure the best way.
I have 100+ VMs over 10 ESX servers with DRS/HA running. So my first thought was, "Aha, DRS has already evened the jobs out somewhat. Why not just select individual ESX servers, make one job for each of them and let it dynamically deal with DRS's redistribution and also new VMs as they're added?" But then I realized that as DRS moved VMs to different ESX servers, that would mean that the VM would suddenly be part of a different job and have to start over as an initial backup as well as leaving replicas of itself in the other backup jobs.
So then I thought, "Well, just make manual containers on Virtual Center and sorta match up with what the ESX servers look like now, also add the 'Discovered Virtual Machines' container to catch new stuff and go from there." But that wasn't such a great idea either because then it made finding VMs in Virtual Center impossible since you had to look through every manual container/folder.
So now I'm guessing I'm back to just adding each VM manually. Anyone have anything clever they're doing with adding the backup jobs via containers?
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Re: Grouping VMs in Containers

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I know that most people use VM folders, but if they are not good for any reason, then go with cluster-level jobs :)
BTW we are also adding ability to organize jobs based on resource pools and vApps in the upcoming release.
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