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[Feature Request] Guest Interaction Proxy for Linux guests

Post by signal »

I'd love to see guest interaction proxies being able to interact with Linux guest systems.
In the current version all Linux guest processing will be started from the backup server, and this is a security concern in a hardened environment.

Dima P.
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Re: [Feature Request] Guest Interaction Proxy for Linux gues

Post by Dima P. »

Hello signal.

Thank you for your post. I've added your vote to this feature request. I wonder if Veeam Agent for Linux could be a workaround for such environment (as you can control backup processing on the host level instead of Veeam B&R level)?

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Re: [Feature Request] Guest Interaction Proxy for Linux gues

Post by ysukhov »

Hi Dima,

Using agents instead is not a good alternative. One example of hardened environment is SP IaaS with isolated subnets for tenants. SP provides backup service and the backup server is located in the management subnet. With VB&R tenants can have self-service full VM recovery. With agents they can't, because bare-metal recovery is an interactive process and requires access to the console, which is not always available.

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