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Hardware to archive 2 Disk, backups for offsite storage

Post by ecszone » Feb 11, 2015 10:24 pm

we need a way to take weekly or monthly backup jobs and take them offsite.
We are invested in 3.5" HD media. Our previous solution had a 1u archive appliance that just worked.
I cant seem to find a common or recommended solution to do this.

our veeam server is virtualized. we backup to a Dedup appliance for local retention. weekly i need to take data and also store it off-site.
Currently we walk in on Monday morning, pop the 1 or 2 disks out of the hotswap drive chassis. log it. And stick the appropriate next set of disks into the chassis.

I talked to Qnap and they do not recommend swapping disks like this. they recommended hooking a external disk to the qnap device and doing it that way :|

I can not seem to find anything pointing me down the right path here. I'm starting to feel crazy. Veeam support purposely wont recommend anything. they just say we are a software company. Unfortunatly data is stored on hardware.

We are still in our demo of this product, though fairly heavily invested in the decision. I need to figure this out in the next 5 days.

And yes i am going to be replicating most our data offsite too. but its alot of data. Historically i could not count on that as my only offsite storage due to the delay in getting it replicated.
PLus at some point its to expensive to keep every backup ever on a Dedup appliance. We need a long term storage solution.

Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Hardware to archive 2 Disk, backups for offsite storage

Post by foggy » Feb 12, 2015 10:02 am

Eric, could you please elaborate on what specifically do you need to store and where: what is the required retention for local backups, do you need to take offsite the entire weekly worth of backups or just the latest full VMs state? Do you need to physically move this data offsite (do you need to keep the same data locally) or prefer the data to be transferred over some WAN link? What retention do you need at remote location?

Most likely you would need to use backup copy jobs for your scenario, I just want to get more details on what is required to suggest proper solution.

I also want to pay your attention at the recommended ultimate VM backup architecture, including short retention on fast primary storage and backup copy to a secondary backup storage for longer retention (probably, dedupe appliance). Backing up directly to a deduplicated storage is not the best practice.

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