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Help me to understand something regarding replication..

Post by chillware »

So here's my dilemma, I am setting up a new replication job. And according to the best practices and even recommended by the wizard, "Choosing a container provides dynamic selection which automatically changes as you add new VM's." Great, that what I want! .. But here's the problem... my container of VM's is larger than 2TB, so when I get prompted for the destination datastore I can't use any of them because VMFS datastores are limited to 2TB. Why can't I just point Veeam to a 'collection' of datastores and say here, you figure out the best placement of these VM's. Seems dumb to me, as long as they associate to the host, I don't care what datastore it goes to.. or maybe I am missing the point?

I'm sure your answer to me will be to just manually select the VM's instead of the container.. but that seems to break the whole purpose and idea of being dynamic.. Now I'm going to have to remember to come back select any new VM's in the future.

ugh, help? :( Thank you!

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Re: Help me to understand something regarding replication..

Post by Gostev »

That is just how the product is designed today (for historical reasons). Not sure what else can I say on top of what you already said. Thanks.

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