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Help understanding Veeam Backup Copy

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Hi All,

I am just trying to figure out how the "backup copy" works. Currently, we've got Veeam backing up nightly going back 14 days. I want a few VMs to have backups that go back to go back 6 months.

So I setup a new copy job, selected the source VMs etc - everything is all set now and the replication is running.


I just have a question - how much space is each "point in time" supposed to use? So based on the config above, I am expecting to have 7 x backups (taken sunday of every week), plus 6 x backups (taken on the first sunday of the month).

Is each single file a "full" backup, or is it an incremental system (so as to save disk space)?

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Re: Help understanding Veeam Backup Copy

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The "Restore points to keep" chain is a Forever Forward Incremental chain. So 1 Full + x Increments.
The GFS chain (Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly) restore points will be full backup files to not depend on such a long time.

You can play with the numbers here: ... =7,6,0,0&e

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