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Hotadd backup fails and doesn't remove snapshots

Post by skoch »

I'm running into an issue where hotadd fails and because NBD is not selected hotadd tries multiple times (I believe up to 8 as that is the controller max) to hotadd the disk.

On the VBR VM in diskmgmt you can see the attached disks. After the job fails VBR starts the cleanup however it always leaves one of the failed hotadded disks attached. So for instance, if it retries the hotadd 6 times, during cleanup VBR only remove 5 of the 6 hotadd disks. This of course causes the snapshot removal to fail because the disk is locked.

Has anyone experienced this issue?
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Re: Hotadd backup fails and doesn't remove snapshots

Post by Gostev »

What version of the product are you using?
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